This was a fascinating read. I think everyone else has already done a great job of telling you what I likewise thought about you writing this article and the way in which you wrote it.

I just hope that this story shows people the true cost of tying yourself to a brand image for a career. When you fall, you fall fast and hard.

I also hope it shows people that there are potentially tons of people that purport to give you great life advice online who really have no idea what they're talking about. I'm sure this example is only scraping the surface of a larger trend of people trying to speak on things they shouldn't be speaking on because it means a paycheck.

And I think therein lies the reason why employers won’t hire him. He’s shown that he’ll pretend to be something he’s not if it means a paycheck. All jobs boil down to “can this person be trusted or not” and unfortunately having a stain like this on your reputation, a stain that’s predicated almost completely on being untrustworthy, is not going to be easy to bounce back from.

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