There’s a progressive movement organizing to form a People’s Party — a party free of corporate money and interests.

It will probably take many years (if ever) for this to gain traction, and even if it doesn’t, I hope that this forces the Democratic Party to show their true colors. If there’s a valid third party that picks up momentum, they will do anything they can to deny ranked-choice voting or any sort of change that threatens the stranglehold that they and the GOP have on this country.

We already know that the Republican Party is not interested in a democracy, but it sickens me that the Democratic Party continues to masquerade as champions of democracy when they’re clearly not.

Both parties have been bought and paid for by oligarchs. Our reality is that America has a center right and a far right party both with corporate interests as their first priority.

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I enjoy writing about society and culture, especially of the internet variety.

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