I respectfully disagree. If this article was about how hurt people hurt people it would express remorse and reflect further on your own personal failings and shortcomings that led you to act in such a way. Clearly by the way this ends (with you reaffirming that you would like to date her sister) you don’t feel as if you’ve done anything worth criticizing and you’re coming to Medium hoping to have people reaffirm this view.

Please don’t try to pass this off as something that it’s not. We already know hurt people react in shitty ways, it’s human nature. The lesson is supposed build on this premise — to highlight how to recognize the more implicit biases and weaknesses that make people act this way, how to come to terms with it, and ultimately how to change from it, but the story stops short of discussing any of these things. We could call this a diary entry if that offers the validity you would like.

From the overwhelming amount of people that have stated how reading this article was a waste of time, it’s clear there was no valuable takeaway to be learned here.

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I enjoy writing about society and culture, especially of the internet variety. janicebaecopy@gmail.com

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