Photo by Alex Voulgaris on Unsplash

I Got Paid to Drink and Hang Out With Men in Karaoke Rooms

As a doumi I drifted somewhere between a geisha and an escort, but I couldn’t handle the clients testing my boundaries.

The concept of paying young beautiful women for their company is not new to the world.

Absolutely no drug use was permitted but drinking was encouraged and, if I’m being completely honest, practically mandatory.

To me it seemed like a comical sight — a bunch of young women dressed to the nines climbing out of a vehicle like clowns spilling out of a clown car.

Artwork Displaying Japanese Courtesans from Wikimedia Commons

We were commodities, we didn’t need to be acknowledged like human beings.

We were both adults and he knew I was a doumi — and doumis didn’t give away their time for free.

So I grit my teeth, smiled, and deflected his advances until we reached an awkward détente.

In their minds, I was an object they were paying to rent after all, so why shouldn’t they be critical?

I enjoy writing about society and culture, especially of the internet variety.

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