Hey Fred. Your article started out in an interesting way but I feel like it didn’t really make a concrete point. I don’t think anyone denies that there are some people who have remained privileged throughout the pandemic. And I definitely don’t think anyone denies that those with wealth are more privileged than those without it especially in the context of current events. Perhaps this was an attempt at getting people to recognize and admit that privilege? Not quite sure.

To be frank it was kind of uncomfortable to see you tag other Medium writers in what seems to be a demand for them to admit their privilege because they wrote articles about making a lot of money in a month. They probably were successful because of certain privileges but most likely in varying degrees and in very different ways from each other. I shouldn’t even presume because I don’t know their backgrounds, personal histories, challenges, etc.

I can understand that seeing articles about wild financial success on Medium can be discouraging, but I think a lot of people write about that success to help other people repeat it for themselves. I’ve learned a lot from some of these bloggers, especially Tom who really seems to find joy in helping Medium writers succeed.

I really do hope you keep writing and don’t let articles like that bother you too much. I look forward to your writing in the future.

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I enjoy writing about society and culture, especially of the internet variety. janicebaecopy@gmail.com

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